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The US #1 cause of lung cancer is cigarette usage.
The US #2 cause of lung cancer is radon gas.

United States Radon Facts: 

Radon gas in homes is the second leading cause of cancer and kills more and more  Americans every year. Radon is completely invisible and comes from the urainium in the ground. Many families are living in homes with radiation levels that exceed the EPA’s allowable limits and are being expose to high levels of radiation unknowingly.

Radon testing is fast and easy and only takes 48 hours to get your radon results. 

The EPA recommends that you hire a qualified licensed radon mitigation contracor to mitigate your home. Unqualified people might actually increase your radon level or create other potential health hazards in your home. The mitigation is called ground depressureization and cause a vacum under the basement floor and dispurses the radon to the exterior. The mitigation system takes only one day to installed and the average cost to mitigate is aproximatley $1300.00

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Home Inspections
Some people take the home inspection process as a pro forma part of the home buying and selling process. Yet the point of a home inspection is not to check boxes on a real estate form but to do a conscientious job of checking out anything that could turn out to be a serious financial or health risk that lurks on the property. Even in the case of people who have spent their entire lives in the construction industry, they are often not completely qualified to perform a home inspection due to the way in which most people tend to specialize. This is particularly the case in the field of radon testing.

Most people know that the number one cause of cancer in the country is smoking. Few, however, understand that the second most prevalent cause of cancer is living in a home filled with high concentrations of radon gas. Radon is odorless, tasteless, and invisible, yet can inflict a great deal of human misery if it is allowed to accumulate inside the structure and reach high levels of concentration.

The first step in guarding against this risk is to have your home or potential home professionally tested for radon levels. The important factor to know is that radon levels can be reduced to those that pose no human health risk but the critical thing to do is to establish a baseline in order to know what measures, if any, are required. Professional radon testing by a properly-certified home inspection service can reveal not just the presence of radon in the home but also give some indication of whether or not any current radon abatement equipment is working properly or is reducing levels sufficiently.

This is not a question of using a home inspection to find a house that is located in an absolutely radon-free neighborhood. Radon gas emissions are everywhere, and are found in significantly elevated levels in many states. Just as you would want to make sure that your furnace is properly vented to avoid the buildup of carbon monoxide inside the house, the evacuation of radon from the house works in very much the same way. Radon is only harmful in high concentrations, and high concentrations are really found only in improperly vented homes. The proper ventilation arrangements make the home safe from any possible emissions.

Radon testing does not have to be performed as part of a pre-purchase home inspection. It can be done any time and in fact should be performed at regular intervals to ensure that emission levels have not changed or amelioration procedures have not failed. Testing is a very simple procedure that consists of taking samples from various parts of the home and the results become available in a short period of time usually about 48 hours. With this data in hand, a homeowner can rest assured that everything is being done to keep the family safe.